Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday 11 December 2006: Man man man

Heidi says: What a weather here in Belgium. It's raining cats and dogs. As long as it snows by Christmas, I'll be happy :))!
Yma is growing so fast. I see here everyday, every second of the day, and even I see her grow. She starts to make controlled noises and movements with her hands. When we give her a toy that is made for babies, she looks at it closely, she touches it and even drags it over her body with her little hand. I can't believe she has been in my belly for nine months...

Sarah says:
Taught a great class of Erasmus students today and learned a lot myself from them! I adore teaching. I wish I could do it much more! Other than that I ran around doing last-minute errands and wrapped gifts and am now working on some translation/editing I have to finish before I head to the hospital. The thing I am feeling happiest about today, because - yes! - I am still feeling quite happy is that I got my period! I know you really don't want to know that but I had to say it because to be perfectly honest, I really, really, really was afraid it would come right on the day of my surgery, which would just suck! I mean I'll be prodded enough - I didn't need that thrown in the mix! So I am really happy about this, seriously. One more check off my checklist in my head of things I need finished before my operation! Yahoo! There are still about 11 things on that list I have to get through tomorrow! And tomrrow I'll see Heidi again and we'll have lunch. I'm going to eat a good Bio Planet meal I think because it will be at least 5 days until I eat good food and start eating normally again after Wednesday. Tomorrow I will also pack for the hospital, clean out my freezer, have my daughter try on all her clothes so I can get an overwiew of what still fits her and what she needs at the sales and I have plenty of other things to take care of too! More on all that tomorrow! I'm like manic right now if you must know the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's my fave Post Secret entry this week because let me just say clearly: I do not agree with it at all - in my case, I want to get better as fast as I possibly can and get back to life. I want it to be less serious and for the doctor to say everything is just fine and that I don't have to struggle with this any longer. And I know people care. So many people have been so very kind and thoughtful and I appreciate that so much.

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Upstater said...

Dear Sarah, please know that I shall be thinking of you on this your latest journey in life. I know that they will be successful in relieving you from pain and this disc will work for you just fine and dandy. Not wishful thinking I just KNOW IT.

Until I can write to you again, let your mom and Heidi and of course Tom care and love you and know that you are loved a great deal here in NY.

Blessings dearest