Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday 8 December 2006: Sarah's mom is a Face The Day Special Guest on her 64th birthday today!

Sarah says:
It's my mom's 64th birthday today. That's her up there in the photo. She looks pretty good for her age, don't you think? I see that I look like her in this photo. Aren't I starting to look more Jewish in my old age? I never noticed that in my 20s, but since I hit my 30s, my face is more ethnic or something. Anyway, my mom is staying here for the next two months to help out after my back operation. Today we're going to have lunch and then later she'll get a facial or massage and I'll get a facial, waxing and pedicure! Woo hoo! I need some pampering and am going to enjoy it all -- other than the waxing of course, which will sting like a mofo - but I'd rather get that done than be harshly dry-shaved at the hospital as the nurses do. They come in with a razor, no water or cream or anything, and they just shave away almost in an aggressive way. Not this time! I'm taking care of it first!
I'm still feeling good! All that darkness has gone out of me for now. Damn it's windy here. Yesterday driving to the airport early in the morning was horrid!!!! So much wind and rain! The airline lost one of my mom's bags but called today to say they found it and will deliver it to us by tonight. We got home to see that the beautiful Willow on the other side of the church near my house had been harmed by the heavy winds. Its biggest branch had snapped and now it's a sad half of a Willow. Nature can be nasty indeed! I just hope it grows back and that the dead part doesn't kill the living part!
By the way, at the airport my eyes welled up with tears about three times as they tend to do for many of us as we watch airport scenes. I'm sure you all can relate to that airport feeling, watching as people say hello and goodbye and embrace and shake hands and all that. It's moving and like an eye-magnet. You just have to watch and figure out who is who in each scene of comings and goings. Ani Difranco has an apt song called Arrivals Gate about this feeling. Here's the link to the lyrics.
Anyway, I also had a laugh of sorts watching these two business guys waiting for over an hour for some business contact. I was stuck waiting for my mom for over an hour because of her bag being lost - so I had plenty of time to observe all the other people waiting as I was. So these two guys had to have been waiting for a "short Asian man". How would I know that? Because every single short Asian man that came out through the doors resulted in action by these two guys. First they would look hard at the short Asian man. Then they would quickly ask each other if the other thought it could be the guy they needed. Then one would approach the short Asian man of that moment and ask him if he was so-and-so. Then the one would come back blushing and giggling from shame because it obviously wasn't the correct short Asian man. This went on again and again about 5 times at least within the hour. At one point while the one guy was asking a short Asian man if he was THE short Asian man they needed, another short Asian man came out through the doors. He was really short! He also looked rather young but could have been older than he looked and he was certainly looking for people to pick him up -- you could see it in his eyes - scoping out the hall to find the people that were meant to meet him there. But here's the catch which threw me a bit as it seemed to throw the two guys in search of a short Asian guy -- this particular short Asian guy was a bit scruffy. He had a wool hat and non-business clothing. When the one guy returned to the other, the other guy pointed out this scruffy short Asian guy and I saw the guy dismiss him as impossible quickly. There was no question about he seemed to think, this short scruffy Asian guy was not their short Asian guy! So they waited and waited looking and looking and getting fed up. When a medium-sized Asia guy would come out, they'd look at each other and shake their heads in a "nah" fashion - "not our guy, too tall way. When and Indian-Asian guy came out, they looked up, checked with each other and agreed that couldn't be their Asian because he wasn't the kind of Asian they needed. So the sad thing was that they got fed up waiting so long and realized I guess that this general description of a short Asian guy was not enough to locate their man! So they took off! I don't know where they went! I made myself taller by stretching my neck to try to see where they turned the curve and if perhaps they were chasing after some short Asian guy I hadn't seen come out of the doors - but alas - I lost them!!!! However, very sadly, the scruffy short Asian guy the other two had dismissed for not being businessy enough, well he was wondering around looking for the people meant to meet him. He kept going to the security counter and asking questions. He kept wandering through the crowd of people waiting for passengers to come out trying to make eye-contact to see if one of us there was the person meant to greet him and pick him up! My mom finally came out and it was late ad we had to go and as I left I saw the short, scruffy Asian man with the wool hat still wandering around like a lost puppy. I'll never know the end of that story. I'll never know if he indeed was their short Asian guy and if so, if somehow they found each other via a phone call or something. And if they found each other, I'll never know how the two guys who had to find the right short Asian guy felt when confronted again with this particular short Asian man with the scruffy look and wool hat -- I'll never know if they felt ashamed for deciding he was not their man because of how he looked. I'll always wonder!!!

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