Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thursday 23 November 2006: Heidi is bored with face the day and wants to find new ways to make it exciting and on Thanksgiving Sarah is thankful for

Sarah says:
Happy Thanksgiving all you Americans out there I know and love! Hope your turkey or whetever you eat has been grand. I celebrated by working way too hard all day and eating oatmeal for dinner! That lovely girl in the photo above is the one thing I am most thankful for for sure in my life!! She is my greatest joy and I am so lucky to have her!!! THANKS to her dad too for that of course!

Heidi says: No, it's not that I want to give up, but I'm just bored with my face and the way I take my pictures. They are not saying anything anymore. I need inspiration. I'll think about it...

Sarah continues:
And I'm thanksful I lost a little bit of weight and can wear horizontal lines (though I have to say, seeing the lines in a photo, I do agree it makes one wider!) - I love my new shirt from Mexx! I can fit into Mexx size large now! Before I had to squeeze into it!

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