Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday 16 October 2006: It's Monday. Bad Hair day for Sarah. Bad pain day for Sarah. But weather and mood is good for Sarah despite all...

Yma says: rjhjkkf bnhjihuihbujifbh bhibjfki hbhfjbhjd hjbhjbhidbfhj fhjbedhjfbhdjfbhj hbhdjbfhjdfgb hjkbfhgjdbhgjbdh nhjdbghjdbfghdjfb

Sarah says:
My hair and head are messy. It's Monday for sure. Good weekend though. Lots of cute babies and some good news too. I do feel a lot less confused than last week, which is good. My head is on straighter and I feel lighter. So yes I am calling my head less fat!
Here's my fave Post Secret entry this week. I know this feeling. Standing outside yourself narrating your life - and in britsih accent no less. Love it!

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