Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tuesday 26 September: Check out YMA yesterday at two days old! What a cutie Heidi had! YMA is Face The Day’s new star!

Sarah says:
Here are some pics of Heidi’s lovely little Yma! She’s a looker! A beauty! A cutie! You will probably see her a lot on these pages for a while.
But alas – the baby days can turn you into the magnet-mom you see in the photo of me today. Parenthood, as nice as it is, can make you nuts at moments! I love that magnet. It captures the lunacy well! Yesterday I could see some expected exhaustion in Heidi’s eyes. Man do I remember that heavy tiredness well. But all the joys surely outweigh any of the nuttiness of parenthood! Heidi and Nico are going to love this baby so very much! It’s so nice to see this little family unit of theirs forming.
I think all these kids of people I know around here have the names for the perfect chic rock group: Ayla, Yma, June, Oone, Adeliene, Kika, Tine, Eef, Mo… the list goes on and on. My great mate E-Rocker in The States is also now with child in womb! It’s so very exciting! I can’t wait to meet her kid!! All these babies. Very exciting indeed!

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Anonymous said...

Proficiat Heidi en Nico met jullie dochter! Op 't eerste zicht lijkt ze heel goed op de papa, vooral op de 3de (onderste) foto zie je dit heel goed... Er staat jullie een drukke, vermoeiende, maar wonderbaarkijk prachtige periode te wachten. Tip : trek af en toe de stekker van de telefoon eens uit, leg je dochtertje lekker dicht bij je en geniet, geniet, geniet ...
Veel succes met kleine Yma!
Peter (Greyn), Valerie, Tine, Eef, Yigitcan en Fré