Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday 25 September 2006: Don't look here at today at my pimple face!!! Look at yesterday's Face The Day entry!!! YMA WAS BORN!!

Sarah says:
Don't look here at my zit face mess. Look at yesterday's entry so you can see HEIDI'S DAUGHTER YMA JUST BORN!!!!!
Here's my fave Post Secret entry this week about breaking or not breaking habits. I am quite sure my husband often hates me for my nail-biting habit. But as hard as I try, I CAN'T STOP!!!! When I was a little kid some man hit me on the shoulder and told me to get my fingers out of my mouth. People have been trying to stop me all my life. I have tried to stop myself. Failed! I also pick my nose sometimes as I am sure everyone of you does too and I scratch my legs a lot in a manic way. I also talk way too much a lot of the time and I interrupt. All bad habits! What are your bad habits? Nobody is free of them!

To know more about what the below photo-posters are all about and why these sorts of posters are hanging all around Kortrijk go to this Vlas Vegas link!


Anonymous said...

What about your "yeah, but" bad habit? Did you not feel this warranted mention? Believe me, it does, it does!

Anonymous said...

What about the million question drill bad habit? Don't forget that one! :-)

Anonymous said...

It's kewl you're famous. I guess now that your fat face is on a poster you won't change any of your bad habits. Makes sense. I wouldn't be surprised if you stop changing your underwear. And... YES, I'm calling your face fat.