Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wednesday 28 June 2006: Sarah saw Heidi last night – see pictures on yesterday’s entry! Today, Sarah is white as a ghost with slits for eyes – sicko!

Sarah says:
I’m a sicko still! Sick in the head, nose, eyes, back, belly. You name it, I got it. But I feel better than the last few days so there’s something!

Some things to report today!

Saw our Heiditje last night. She has fun news! Heidi made it onto the Vinyl sleeve of the new Devendra Banhart album! A year or so back she sent her photo in and yesterday heard the news that she might have been chosen along with many others. And she was!!!! Click on this link and it will take you to the site. See if you can find Heidi! Here’s a hint: she’s hairier than usual in the photo! Go Heidi Go!

Other funny stuff is this link that will lead you to the internet world of someone probably in high school somewhere in Ameriica who started a story about two girls named Heidi and Sarah! It's a story that everyone and anyone can add to. Have a look. It's funny and I SWEAR I didn't write any of it! Thanks to AS for the link!

Check yesterday's Face entry to see Heidi and her big belly!

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