Monday, June 26, 2006

Sunday 25 June 2006: Sarah welcomes special guests FDW and VD after eating their good food all up and feeding her soul...

Sarah says:
I'd like you to meet FDW and his wife VD. These were some of my first friends in Belgium and my husband's oldest friends. These two and their kids mean THE WORLD to me! They are some of my favorite people and I am so glad to know them! I felt like hell all of Sunday with this big, bad cold and cough of mine. They fed me well and entertained me all day long! FDW solved some of my computer problems! He helped me convert some music files to MP3s and to figure out how to get Greyn's new songs up onto Greyn's new My Space Music page. You are hearing it first right here! You can click on the this link and get to Greyn's My Space page and listen to our 4 new songs if you want! I still have to do a lot of work on the page and FDW says he'll help me with all that too and even Greyn's web page when the time comes because it is pretty out of date by now! The irony in all this is that I started Greyn with FDW the first years I was here in Belgium. Eventually he left the band and has moved onto to other musical projects. I miss being in a band with him! Those were some great, great days. But I sure am totally happy we are still such good friends! Thanks FDW and VD!

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