Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday 26 June 2006: Sick Sarah overdoses on drugs just to breath. She sees Heidi briefly who says hello...

Sarah says:
I am sick of being sick of being sick of being sick. Are you sick of hearing about sickness?
Anyway, the drugs don't work and all that!!!!
I saw Heidi today quickly and I feel badly for the poor girly! She will get bored so if you know her, call her, send her email. Keep our girl happy at home! She has to take it very easy. She's doing fine but she's stuck at home! Home isn't so bad of course. She just can't do much so it will get boring for her. Ups and downs I guess. But it is all worth it! Three months of rest is nothing in the long run and with retrospect eventually on your side! Heidi says hi but didn't feel like a photo today! All she felt like was a shower!

Here is my favorite Post Secret entry this week. I was torn between two so I'll post them both. The first one is uplifting, isn't it! There really are some GREAT secrets -- let's not forget that. Fun adventurous secrets. Things we can cherish and chew on! This Post Secret card captures that getting up to no good thing that can be so fun in life. You have to be a bad girl and bad boy sometimes and break the rules! I love this naked couple doing something they probably aren't allowed to be doing! Breaking the rules!
The below Post Secret entry reveals something sometimes one-sided about friendship! We all need to know what we mean to others sometimes. I'd say let everyone you love know it as often as you can - friends and family! It's so important to say it but also to hear it back sometimes. It gives life meaning!

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