Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday 30 June 2006: Sarah is HUNGRY and hates being on a diet!!!!!!!! If she sees you she may eat you! She did not eat her special guest BG though!

Sarah says:
I am a hungry hungry hippo! Don’t feed the animal! I may BITE you! I HATE DIETING!!!!!!

Have a GREAT weekend and don’t forget to listen to Greyn’s 4 new songs on Greyn’s My Space page.

Look below! That's my buddy and Heidi's sister's boyfriend BG from De Kreun in Bissegem soon to be in Kortrijk! BG was one of Sarah's first friends here in Belgium. He helped Belgium to feel like home for her. BG even came to Sarah's wedding in New York and met all her family and friends.

Sarah says:
Thanks for being a special guest on Face The Day Bart! It's great knowing you! Even my kid likes you and your bald head! I hope I still know you in another 10 years! I hope you have a great wedding this summer! Can we do a Face The Day Exclusive at your wedding???

1 comment:

Jason said...

Sasquatch Girl on a diet? Isn't that, like . . .dangerous or something?