Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday 09 June 2006: Heidi and Sarah are sweetie-sweaty-pies today! Don't mention pies to Sarah. She'll throw them in your face. Sarah is HUNGRY!!!!!

Heidi says:
Call me Fej! I miss you!!! I miss you all!

Sarah says:
I miss you too Fej. For a long time already. And now I miss AS too! Once I went deep into Asse with AS. It was fun. Y'all come and y'all go. Ain't nothing can be done about it.
So the good news is, I am starting to see that some weight is coming off me. It shows in my face -- see -- look-- you can see it I am sure. But just as I suspected, when a face shrinks or even a body from fatter to thinner it can really make a person look older and that it has done-- look at me, I do look older. It's no big deal. I just find it strange. Fat hides a lot -- that's pert of the reason some people become fat -- to hide stuff. It's more figurative than literal but true just the same. I guess I have nothing left to hide. I'm really 35 now. I look my age. I wonder what I will look like skinnier. I have never been skinny in my life. I am curious. I am hungry. But tomorrow I go to London!!! Woo hoo! Can't wait. And it will be hot all weekend! This is a much needed get away with my husband to see my best friend from America ED. It's going to be fun! I may not be able to get a photo to Heidi to put on Face The Day but I'll take one every day and upload them later.
Have a goody and I'll be back in town by Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

have a happy happy weekend!!!!
i'll buy minutes!!!
by the way, i'm on time for work!!!!
(is there a wedding today?)