Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tuesday 16 May 2006: Heidi and Sarah are feeling unkind today. Please don't take their rude gestures personally...And so you know: Greyn is Belgian!

Heidi says:
I'm so happy and shiny today! Long live spring!

Sarah says:
Hmm -- I think Heidi must be joking. It is dark and dreary today. Grey is the word. Very Belgian indeed. Speaking of Belgian things-- apparently my band Greyn has made it into the "Belgian" music scene accoridng to the library in Kortrijk where a photo of me singing with Greyn's bass player in the background is hanging among many other photos of other Belgian bands! It was pretty funny to be at the BIB this past Saturday looking for CDs to borrow from their vast CD collection and to see my mulle hanging on a poster between the lovely faces of the better-knows Soulwax and Stijn. There I was on top of Mauro! I wouldn't mind being between the fucking De Waele brothers and Stijn and on top of Mauro. Not a bad dream... Anyway, check it out: Dit Is Belgisch from now until the 2nd of June (my birthday by the way ;-) - at the Centrale Bibliotheek Kortrijk. Also check out Greyn's blog site for another view from the exhibit.

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