Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday 15 May 2006: Heidi and Sarah can't stand the stink today so take a photo in a really stanky toilet - look at Sarah's nostrils. YUCKY STINKY POO

Heidi says:
Sarah thinks some belgians stink. I'm sure a lot of Americans stink too. Not to speak of the french...

Sarah says:
Everything smelled bad today. In the hospital. At work. The toilet. All of it. Yuck. Stinky people abound! I can't take Belgium on hot days! I'm sorry but there are some damn stinking people around and I can't take it.
Below is my favorite postsecret entry this week - all entries are ode to mother's day this time around. It's not about me and my mom but it sure reminds me of some friend's situations back from where I come from. My own mother-musing is that for some reason it just is easier to get along really well with your own mom once you are a mom yourself. For me anyway and a few others I know! Anyway - Happy Mother's Day everyone to all you mofo's out there.

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