Monday, May 22, 2006

Sunday 21 May 2006: Heidi and Sarah finally welcome their Brussels' buddy as special guest as they say goodbye on top of the Mim in Brussels...

Heidi says:
A perfect sunday! But A, you will be missed!

Sarah says:
So we went to the Musical Instrument Museum in Brussels on Sunday and met up with our buddy AS to eat lunch and say so-long as she is off to a new land to hopefully live happily ever after! WE WILL MISS HER SO!!!! I will badly!!! Surely we'll stay in good touch but I will miss my little family trips to Brussels to see her smiling head! AS, I love you girly! I wish you all the best best best! We can't wait to see you in your new territory a year from now! Pity she's flipping us the bird in the photo but we know it just means she LOVES US SO!
In honor of this sort of sad so-long that happens all too often especially if you are an expat like I am and she is, here is a very telling Post Secret entry of this week. Actually there were so many good PostSecrets this time it was hard to choose but this one makes sense today for sure!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks girlies. I had a great time as well. sniff sniff AS