Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursday 27 April 2006: Mirror Mirror on The Wall, who's the fairest of the all? Heidi or Sarah?

Heidi says:
Today started with a very bad mood but it's changing now. Bit by bit. Just have a little bit more patience with me, and all will get better!
I went to the hairdresser yesterday evening and the only comments I got was 'I don't see a change'. Nice, good for my bad mood! Well, as long as I see and feel the difference, I don't care about other opinions! Not today. Oops, my bad mood is coming back again... :)

Sarah says:
I think I have the upper body of an American football player in full-gear. Man is this broad broad-shouldered and no-necked. But I can live with that because I am a powerhose and can kick your arse mofo if you mess with me. Speaking of hair, mine is getting thick and long which means it is almost time for a chop!

We are so SHALLOW. Why do you even visit this site?


Anonymous said...

I love these two photos. They are very interesting photographically.

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Thnaks AS -- we are trying to keep our daily visitors here at Face The Day entertained. We'll do anything you want! Anything to keep the fans coming back and happy. Can I offer you a drink? -S

Anonymous said...

Sure I will take one and can you take off your top!!?!?!! Well, you did offer to do anything I wanted.

Anonymous perv