Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday 28 April 2006: Heidi and Sarah get Hitched and are tired because of it. WHO IS THAT CUTE GUY????

Below is an old photo of Heidi and Sarah with Mich from Hitch at a Vlas Vegas thingy last year some time. In this photo you can only sort of see how Heidi and Mich look alike (read below for more explanation). But trust us, they do. Give Mich and eyebrow job, grow his hair a little longer. Put him in a dress and Voila!
Can anyone tell us who that CUTE guy is next to Heidi in the below photo? Man was he good-looking! Being that Heidi and I are so shallow, we can post things like this here. We like pretty faces and this guy sure had one of those! And good style! He was sort of very Stef-Kamil-Carlens like, as Heidi pointed out. That works for me!

Heidi says:
As Sarah already wrote a whole book, I don't think I have to say anything cause nobody will read it anyway! Have a nice weekend all you crazy kooks!

Sarah says:
So last night Heidi and I met at the OC in Bissegem to see a concert organized by De Kreun of Kortrijk-Belgian band Hitch and Antwerp-Belgian band Millionaire. We're tired now and cranky. But it was a good time and GREAT SHOWS! I hadn't properly ever seen Hitch before -- just have always caught the last song of their gigs here and there. Hitch's singer Mitch lives in Heidi and my neighborhood and we often think that Heidi looks like him or he looks like Heidi. Heidi actually looks like a mix between Mich from Hitch and his girlfriend. It's strange. Sometimes when I see Mich passing my window (he lives right near me), I think it's Heidi. Not anymore of course ever since Heidi has become a pregnant woman -- but on her skinny days, Heidi could be Mich and Mich could be Heidi -- sort of, sometimes anyway. From afar.

So Hitch are impressive. A strong and tight sound. Nice to watch. Good to listen to. How Mich doesn't lose his voice, I don't know -- but I'd like to know his secret. Next to the music, which I can't say much about other than that I like it and its power, it's fun to see tall Mich on the left side of the stage, and the quite shorter bass player on the right side and then a cute drummer who looks almost too big for his drums. Something about it is playful to see, which is nice along with tough music like that. Is the drummer of Hitch related to the drummer of Rencontrez l'amour? They look alike and play alike a bit. Both are lookers for sure and full of energy. I love the repetitive parts in the songs Hitch played. They grip you - this heavy power sound mixed with some lighter guitar lines -- sometimes even like The Pixies sounds (melodic and repetitive) mixed with heavy Hole sounds (but less commercial) --only some songs -- at the start of the set -- later it got heavier.

Speaking of Rencontrez l'amour, make sure to marke the following in your agendas and be there to see them play and to hear Heidi DJ afterwards. Their recent CD was produced by Filip Tanghe, the drummer of Greyn and the CD and printparts were made where Heidi and I work.
Cd releaseparty
De kreun
Vrijdag 5 mei
20:30 - support
21:40 - Rencontrez l´Amour
22:50 – Haydee
5 euro inkom

As for Millionare, it's the third time I see them now and I LOVE them. They are a wall of sound from beginning to end. Such POWER. They are some strange mix of T-Rex, Led Zeppelein and lots of rock-heavy bands from the 70s, with a little psychedelic mixed in and some rawness of The Stooges. That singer Tim-watever-his-name is is damn fun to watch. He's beautiful and freaky. He's full of theater. He's there to enetertain us and to seduce. He does both well -- too well. They are fun on stage too. And I love their long songs that never stop and merge with each other. I guess I am a Millionaire fan.
Anyway -- it was just good to be out for once. I used to go out so much but then I got cripple and old. Today though I am tired I feel revived in some ways. I should keep going to concerts always -- even when in pain (dang back!), even when tired. It's a must. I enjoy gigs so much! I want to gig with Greyn again soon! Man I miss that. I love the stage! I get envious seeing anybody up there on stage. I want to be there and be them. Actually -- I wish I was the singer for a band like Millionare. That's the kind of band I would love. Heavy and powerful and a bit nutty. But woman just can't do the whole cock-rock thing as much. Of course a few can and get away with it but I hate to admit that for this kind of music, a man's voice and look suits it more. Sad but true, not always, but mostly.

On a final note to take you into your weekend, if you, like I, have a job behind a computer, you will be entertained by this nonsense article in The Onion
This one is pretty damn funny too if you like Samuel Beckett and the existensial


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