Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday 02 April 2006: Heidi and Sarah celebrate with Tom Boonen after he wins the ronde van vlaanderen today!

Heidi says:
HOORAY! HOORAY! HOORAY! Tom Boonen wins 'De ronde van Vlaanderen' once again! What a joy, what an excitement! Long live Tommeke 'naked butt' Boonen! I even saw him live today. 'de koers' was passing in Kortrijk, and N and A and me were at the side of the road, waiting for the bikers to pass, and there he was: The young blonde God of bike racing... As A put it so nicely: "Tom zweefde over de kasseien. Hij raakte de kasseien niet." We love Tom Boonen! In the evening W came over to watch the last episode of 'de Parelvissers'. We were so very 'assorti' that I have to show you how fab we looked!

Sarah says:
Who the hell is Tom Boonen? He sure is good-looking though! Of course I know who he is silly! He's that fine fellow with a good butt on the bike all the time. I'm off tomorrow but I'll check in if I can! Hold the fort till I'm back Thursday Heidi! Do your best and don't forget belly-shot Wednesday this time!!!!
PS -- my skin is so bad and I am indeed bloated because it is indeed that time of month again! I am certainly not pregnant!


Anonymous said...

So, my fine feathered friends, Belgium has a winner cylcist! When I saw his hat, being the American I am at the opening of baseball season, I thought he was a baseball player. So, I went to my life savior, namely Google, and saw even more pictures and congratulatory comments. Well, good for Tom and good for Belgium. Where are the belly shots? I want to see my little niece or nephew as he or she grows. By the way, Jan De Smet was greatly loved with the CD I sent to KC Mathey who portrays Woody Guthrie and is part of our Oklahoma Chautauqua Troupe. He called absolutely thrilled to hear the CD. He loved the sound of the language and how true to Woody Jan De Smet keeps the songs. I sent one to Michael Stock too, to play on his Sunday folkmusic program. I will listen today and see if he does play a song or two with an ode to Belgium and the story of Miami's own Judy Gail's daughter living in Belgium, etc. Well, I miss you gals. Had another fun visit on the site. Love, Mom/Auntie

Anonymous said...

in english boonen means "naked butt".
so have you guys done that thing where you type your name and then "needs" on google?
this is what i found:
"heidi needs to know every man she meets is drooling over her"
"sarah needs a cold shower"
"aimee needs a stiff drink"
"jeff needs to wax his shell".

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Judy, I'll try to live up to your expectations and take that belly shot every wednesday!
And JB, what are you broadcasting?
:) (I'm glad to receive a comment of you, it's has been ages!)