Sunday, April 02, 2006

Saturday 01 April 2006: Sarah is an April Fool and heidi had a fun day!

Heidi says:
What a great day!!!! I spent my day in the house of PJ of Madensuyu, putting together their great debut CD, together with N and A. We had so much fun, joking around, working hard and singing along 'takatak katak'. And in the evening there was Deerhoof in de Kreun in Bissegem. I feel sorry for every one who wasn't there! A fabulous day indeed! (Deerhoof are My space friends of Viva Voce, so I had to wear my VV-tee on their concert)

Sarah says:
I went to bed just before midnight and realized that I hadn't taken a photo so I ran downstairs and got my camera and took this one. I wish we had some good April Fool's Joke to play on you but Heidi and I haven't even kept up with the Wednesday belly shot after one week!! It's been a rough period I guess. Heidi will make sure to get a belly shot for you this week and from now on. I will be away till wednesday in Cannes and then again next week in London. Photos will come later...

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