Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday 14 April 2006: Heidi and Sarah hide in their shells with their own crosses to bear/bare today. Just leave them be!

Heidi says:
I am not feeling happy today. But I will get over it. In the weekend.

Sarah says:
Long weekend -- that's all I'm saying. Woo Hoo! We look yellow today? Liver problems or life problems. My skin is clearing up a bit though and that's grand. It's eyebrow pluck day. See the results tomorrow. And I see the brain doctor today about my back. Stay tuned to see what he says and if I will ever feel young and fresh again! I'm thinking about becoming a Dominatrix by the way. I think I'd be good at it. I could exploit my dominating talents. Trouble is that S&M really turns me off so I guess it will never work! Oh well. There must be something for me out there! Life is a constant search, right!? HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY! BAD FRIDAY! You bad boy!

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