Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday 10 March 2006: Sarah and Heidi show off their new superhero status!

Sarah and Heidi can't get enough of it! They are training their muscles, trying out their new superpowers, starting to feel masters of the world. But the most important thing right now is that it is almost weekend! What are their plans? Who will they save from boredom and frustration? Themselves maybe?

Sarah says: I am a superhero! I am a superhero! I found the Bigfoot within me! Maybe Snowbro can make me turn into Nessie the Loch Ness Monster sometimes too! Maybe I can be the superhero who becomes all those things people have wondered about but never really seen! And on Halloween and Carnival I can be the superhero who dresses like the tooth-fairy or Santa Claus. I want to be a superhero with a sick sense of humor! I want to mess with people’s minds. I want to be the Larry David of Superheroes and have a sceptical stare I use to seek the truth from all the bad liars out there! Can I, Can I Snowbro? Can I be a funny truth-seeking powerful hairy and slimy monster-superhero?

Heidi says: Sarahtje! Sarahtje! Sarahtje! As long as you don't become the mean hero, it's all ok! Do you know that X-box-game Fable? You can become the superhero, the person that everyone likes and wants to marry and have kids with, or you can choose to be the vilain, the asshole, the monster. What will it be Sarah? Will you choose the bad path? It's all about the choices we make!
This weekend I am going to make myself happy, and some friends. Tomorrow night, two of my best friends from school and my youth are performing live with their band in Heule. I wish them all the best and hope they win the contest! I'll be there to support them (and I will use my superpowers to make them win, although that will not be necessary, I'm sure!). Stay tuned for a premiere on Monday! ;)

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Jason said...

THAT is an excellent picture. You ladies are perfect material for super heroes.

Be on the look out for Tales from Earth-H, which you two will be in the spotlight.