Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wednesday 22 February 2006: Heidi does some serious soul-coughing as Sarah shows off her new scarf from AS...

Heidi says:
I feel good!!!!!!!!!!
Never been better!

Sarah says:
Thanks for the colorful scarf AS! Don't I look like spring? Why is my face crooked in that photo? Heidi didn't want to use that photo because she thought it was ugly. I hit her hard for calling me ugly! We (me and KD) persuaded her that it was a good action shot of her coughing her brains out and that like a mid-sneeze or mid-yawn shot it had its place on our site here because it showed all too well a reality -- our dear Heidi is under the weather! What a bad cough! Between her and my husband man am I getting bashed with coughing. Next it will be me -- and before my concert on Saturday no less! I'll be sick as a dog. Heidi will have to take my place on stage in Tournai on Saturday the 25th of February at 19u. See Heidi sing for Greyn!

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Jason said...

hang in there, Heidi. Hope you feel better.