Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wednesday 08 February 2006: Look how much Sarah loves Heidi today!

Heidi says:
What a weird night it was yesterday evening. When I was sick I watched 4 episodes of 'Twilight zone'. Yesterday evening reminded me very much of those...
We were driving to Gent, to our weekly lindy hop lesson, when we saw a burning container on the opposite lane. No firemen had arrived yet, but as it was on the opposite lane of the highway, we could not do anything and drove on. Two kilometers further, a car was passing us on the second lane, and went on the first lane in front of us. I saw he was driving a bit weird but you see that more often so I didn't say anything. All of a sudden, the car hits the truck in front of him, and drives into the guard rails. We pass, try to avoid the car and the truck, and then stop and park on the shoulder two or three hundred meters away. We crawl out of our car, step over the guard rails to be safer, and start walking. When we arrive, we see that the driver has already escaped his car and is standing on the right side of the guard rails. His face is covered with blood, so are his hands. His breath smells of alcohol. He keeps on asking what happened. His car is total loss and he'll be ok. We are waiting with him, for the ambulance to come. When it finally has arrived, the impossible happens. On the opposite lane of the highway, a car hits a truck and then the guard rails. One friend and me start laughing, another friend starts to cry. Is this real?
We are 30 minutes late in the lindy hop lesson. We all have the same pale face with small eyes. Nobody can concentrate. We are five friends with a weird story. Once again.

Sarah says:
See! I had to put two photos today -- one where you see how much I love our dear Heidi! Another one in which you see how much better I look in today's pink than in yesterday's pink!! I love it when I prove my own point to myself!

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