Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tuesday 07 February 2006: Heidi and Sarah need their beds...

Heidi says:
nice and warm and fluffy and soft... my bed? No! Let's not think about my bed or I might fall asleep right here, right now...

Sarah says:
Why do I look that way to myself? Is it because I am at the end of my monthly visit and see myself as a big ball of yuck? I look and feel fat. I am getting fatter! There’s no stopping me! I wish there was a way to stop me but right now there isn’t. Viva spring! That might help eventually! It’s always the same. Same old cycles. And that color pink!? I liked it and bought it, but in the photo, I see it is the wrong color for me! It’s all wrong! I know, I know, I should be kinder to myself and love myself more! Yeah, yeah! But not today! Today is a blah day in every way! Tomorrow may be better! My hair is also flat! Did I mention that? And I am getting ruddy redness on my face in several spots! Damn period! Worst cramps in ages this time around! This day just needs to end.

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