Monday, February 27, 2006

Saturday 25 February 2006: Sarah greets the (small) crowd at Greyn's gig in Tournai during D'hiver Rock and Heidi neglects this site again...

Sarah says:
Greyn's gig at D'hiver Rock in Tournai tonight at la maison de culture was fast and fun! As gigs go, it wasn't one of Greyn's best I'd say but the place was fantastic and the mix of people and bands around gave for a good atmosphere all around! Our sound was really loud on stage but I heard not loud enough perhaps in the audience. My voice was pretty good if I do say so myself but something was abit flat about teh show. The organization of D'hiver Rock is great -- very professinal! I'd love for Greyn to play at maison de culture again when our CD is out. There were so many alternative looking people around. Lots of punks! That was great to see. It was a good night but I wouldn't say a great one. I wish I had had more time to check out other bands and to connect with my own band. It was one big rush really. I couldn't stop to really enjoy it. Here are some photos from that night. There's one of my big fat head with some of the audience. And then there are some shots og Greyn taken by a kind audience member. That same person seems to have taken some close up shots of her and her boyfriend kissing with my camera! Good for her! I hope she had a great time. I wish I could have checked out the Rencontrez l'amour show in the other hall. Greyn was sound-checking then though. I heard their gig was good and lively! Those are a bunch of friendly, lovely and good-looking guys! I wish them all the luck!

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