Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wednesday 25 January 2005: Sarah is a ghost here writing you from a random computer in Cannes but she has no photo for you yet -- Heidi will later...

Hi everyone - Sarah here -- you'll just have to imagine what I look like for a few days! Scroll down if you need a quick reminder! Cannes is all right. Sunny and beautiful but cold. I agree with heidi -- there is nothing I need more right now than water! i am so thirsty. These places are always dry -- too dry -- bloody booger all the time dry!

I saw The first french shoiwng of the Johnny Cash film last night. It's a lot like the movie Ray in many ways -- that musician who was addicted to drugs story where you watch them get off the stuff and change their lives like heros -- that annoyed me even if true. But the acting and music was fabulous and it should be seen for that alone!

I'm meeting loads of interesting people. I'm tired. Photos in a few days if I remember to take them!


Heidi says: well well well, if that ain't Sarah taking over. She has just been gone and already needs to take back her job as the site master... Not a bad idea I must say, because my inspiration is zero. I am still so tired, because of an iron defeciency. And my skin is going bad because of my excema. Makes me crazy!! So no, maybe this is not the best day I have ever had... And I miss Sarah!

Later Sarah says: Again a tired photo of me-- this one crashing into my hotel bed with even drier eyes and half a voice and a heavy head! Good night...

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