Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thursday 26 January 2006: To post or not to post...

...That is the question. Cause what more is there to say? What can we say that would possibly be interesting to this world. Heidi's hair is flat! Sarah is exhausted from her trip! Heidi didn't know what to wear this morning! Sarah used Heidi's hairdryer on her trip and her hair will be a total mess! Heidi needs a lot of sleep and never wakes up anymore! Sarah comes back today! ... Wait a minute... SARAH COMES BACK TODAY!!!!! That is very interesting news people!!! Yippie!!!!

Sarah says:
I'm back Jack. All is well other than a part of my voice missing due to the very dry atmosphere where I was. And of course the plane ride didn't help that. Last year I got a bloody nose on the plane back. This year it's not so dramatic! I am tired though. The above picture is over-exposed but it's all I have I'm afraid! Tomorrow is a new day for Heidi and Sarah. Back together again and ready for the weekend no doubt!

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