Monday, January 16, 2006

Sunday 15 January 2006: Sarah had a nice day eating and playing games and making ugly mulles. Heidi played a music quiz and passed!

15 January 2006: Heidi and Sarah didn't meet today. Sarah did brunch and played games and Heidi played the Bakerstreet music quiz together with her sister and their boyfriends.

Heidi says: Oops, almost forgot to take my photo!!! Ready for bed, but apparently wide awake...
The music quiz this afternoon was tough! Luckily we passed with 52 %, on the 12th place of 24. Not bad if you look at the winners, who are much older than us and who are winning every music contest anyway...

Sarah says:
Ain't I pretty? I love my new look! I shall keep that face for sure. Can anyone out there love a gal with a face like this? Good teeth though -- thank the lawd for that!

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