Monday, January 16, 2006

Monday 16 January 2006: Sarah's face has pretty much had it. She's running out of ugly totes.The lovely Heiditje gives her much needed support!

16 January 2006: Enough is enough. This is the death of Sarah's mulle. That's it. Start over. Begin again. Take two. Heidi can stay though. Get Sarah out of here fast. Heidi is looking for a new head to share these pages with! Any takers?

Heidi says:
I feel sorry for Sarah today. She doesn't deserve to feel this way...

Sarah says:
I've had it with certain people who shall remain nameless. They can go to hell. They gave me that mulle. They alone. That one person alone killed my mulle today. I love the rest of you though!!!! With all my heart and joy!!! :-)

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