Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Wednesday 14 December 2005: Sleep child sleep... Heidi is broeder Jacob and Sarah is brother John. No morning bells ringing here. Just 2 ding-dongs...

14 January: Heidi and Sarah can't decide whether to recline and sleep or sit up and be awake. Isn't there a CD out with the very catchy title: "Asleep is the New Awake". Heidi and Sarah agree. After much useless discussion, they had to settle for two photos today rather than just one. Heidi is sleepy and Sarah is awake. Sarah ate brussels sprouts today so watch out. Maybe that's why she's grinning in one of the photos and Heidi is twitching her nose. Maybe she's letting out some hot air ;-))). Maybe Heidi is dead from it in that other photo. If you choose to live in Belgium, you'd better eat Brussels Sprouts often in the winter. If you live across from a church, you're gonna hear the bells I'm afraid...

Heidi says:
My eyes are stinging. I need sleep...

Sarah says:
This is my favorite joke ever:
"Why do farts stink?"
"So that deaf people can enjoy them also!"

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