Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tuesday 13 January 2005: Heidi loses an eye whilst Sarah welcomes back an old pimple...One of those dreadful days we're afraid....

13 January: Tired. Worn-out. Dreadful day. Hard to move through it for these gals Heidi and Sarah. Like wading through a brick of low fog and smog. Heavy on the head. Hurtful to the eyes. Bad for the skin. Black boogers...

Heidi says:
The Editors are a good band! They proved that to me yesterday evening. The singer is a wild animal; with a savage but absent look he picks his victims in the audience, but remains undisturbed. I like that kind of poses in singers! They are actors, icons, freaks. The only negative thing about yesterday is that my ears are feeling bad today, like something is stuck in there and I will never get it out again. And the beeping is horrible!
Actually, it would be unfair of me not to mention the support bands for the Editors! First Apartment, a English band, with a too goodlooking singer and a as goodlooking guitarplayer (as I said before, I like it a little dirty) but they did sound ok. Second support band was We are scientists, a New York based band, with a hilarious bassplayer with moustache and funny glasses, a boyish singer with a great voice and a bearded drummer who could be a pedophile priest in the daytime... The result of those three freaks playing together is that typical mix you hear a lot nowadays, of punk, disco and rock (think Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys) but live, wowie, they are steaming!
Great night!

Sarah says:
I had the worst nightmare of my life last night and was up on and off since 2 am because of it – my last words to my family just before the building that had been blown up by terrorists landed on our roof smashing down was: "I love you we’re dead."
It was a really bad dream—I woke up unable to breath right and in a sweat.
Too many articles read about terrorism for teaching that class yesterday I guess!!
I am so so very tired!! My skin looks a wreck. My hair is flat as can be! Nonetheless - I feel good.

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I'll give you a knuckle sandwich... hey batter, batter batter, batter. Hey.