Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Tuesday 27 December 2005: Heidi and Sarah get up to no good in Kortrijk and fondle a statue, frosty and santa all in one night and look up a skirt!

Heidi and Sarah meet the man of their deams in Kortrijk and give him a lick!
26 December: Heidi and Sarah are full of special guests today! They went into Kortrijk for the recording of the EEN program SAM , which will feature Unie der Zorgelozen tonight at around 21u. While out, they managed to lick a statue, grab Frosty's delicate parts and exhaust a Santa to sleep! They also saw straight up a stone dancing girl's skirt and Sarah looked straight into a sharks mouth earlier that day at Sea-Life. What a cosy day and night it was for Heidi and Sarah. Don't forget to check out SAM tonight on EEN! You can learn more about Unie der Zorgelozen on our link to it on the right column.

It's all smiles for Frosty above who gets felt up big time by Heidi and Sarah!
Heidi and Sarah put Santa straight to sleep. They hold him up with all their might.
Sarah almsot got eaten by this shark today! It was a real close call! Like the times she used to swim in her small pool at her childhood home and imagine that to torture her, her brothers put baby sharks in the pool. Flashbacks are scary mommy!
It's very dark up that skirt indeed but what a strange statue to have in the center of Kortrijk! She's not even wearing any underwear! Well, I never!!! She needs to doing something very fast about all that cellulite!

Heidi says:
More later... cosy night!

Sarah says:
Other than being up with major diareah at 4 am this morning probably due to the split-pea soup I had while out in Kortrijk last night, it was a lovely day and night! All Christmas references will stop as of now! Bahumbug! Vacation is over :-(!

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