Monday, December 26, 2005

Monday 26 December 2005: Heidi isn't around yet but in the meantime here are some gifts Sarah received. Can you guess her fave? Also, 3 generations...

Heidi: Het Zwin is a magnificent place! That's where I spent my day and it was good!

Above is a photo of Sarah's mom, Sarah's kid and Sarah. They are simply here to show you three generations of gals and how odd genetics can be! These three girls don't look anything like each other! In fact, they look like some Beneton add - one ruddy red-head, one pale blondy and one black-head! They don't even look like they are part of the same family! Sarah challenges you viewers to point out something, anything, that looks the same in these three girls!

Sarah says: I don't want to boast or anything but dang ditty dang did I get an amazing bunch of stuff!!!! Can you guess that the Zita Swoon Band in a Box CD/ DVD is my favorite present!!! I watched the DVD this morning and was mesmerized by Stef Kamil carlens and band once again!!!! I got the new Deus CD and Hooverphonic as well as two Pink Floyd CDs and some Wilco, Radiohead and others. I got In De Gloria, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Office and Bottom as well as Little House on the Prairie and Freaks and Geeks and others! I got Kolinistan and body gel and earings. And I got a great book: Post Secret! Check out!
Great great stuff!!!!!!

Newsflash from Sarah: I have watched 4 episodes of season 4 Curn Your Enthusiasm and am loving it! Larry David is sicker and more obsessed than ever before! I am also really enjoying the Zita Swoon CD of course and the Wilco live one! Both are great and you all should have them!

Heidi should check in here later!!! She'll post her photo from the 26th when she can!

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