Monday, December 19, 2005

Saturday 17 December 2005: Sarah puts on some make-up and some pearls for once in a long while and Heidi puts on a hat and mushroom...

17 December: Sarah decides to put on a little face and spark up her head a bit with jewels -- she even wears some heels that night! Is this an attempt to look alive for once? Yeah, probably. In the winter it is especially easy to let one's self go you know. Heidi and Sarah have been feeling as if they have been looking a bit rough lately! But today they both look more alive than usual. Notice how Heidi's sweater matches her mushroom above.

Heidi says:
The perfect outfit for a night of King Kong! wroaaaaw! snf... snffffffff... wraaaaaaw WRAAAAAW!!!! snif..snfffffffff... humffff...

Sarah says:
Well there you go... Those jewels-- they come from my grandmother. Pretty, éh? I never wear such jewels anymore. In the past I would wear about 5 necklaces at once and a ring on every finger. They say that people hide behind jewels. Maybe that's what I was doing. Or maybe I was just being a peacock back then. Sometimes I miss all that effort I would make to look good. Mayeb it was because I didn't feel all that good about myself back then and now I feel better and know that it's not as much the outside as the inside that counts and all that... Who knows but it is indeed nice to throw on a little make up and a nice necklace every now and then! Check out my un-even eye-balls. That alone makes me a bit afraid to get contact lenses.

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