Friday, December 16, 2005

Friday 16 December 2005: Heidi and Sarah say oink oink, sniff, sniff, grrrr, grrrr and wish y'all a happy friday and good weekend.

16 December: Pigs! Pigs! Pigs! Heidi and Sarah are sick, stinking, dirty pigs! They eat dirt and poo it out as Truffles and the try to eat it again and sell it for 50 Euro a kilo. They'll blow your house down! They'll huff and they'll puff!

Heidi says:

Sarah says:

Heidi and Sarah wish you a lovely weekend and Sarah urges you to watch Canvas at 13u on this Sunday to see a documentary on Stef Kamil Carlens of Zita Swoon! That's what she'll be doing this weekend, as well as getting closer and closer to moving up to the attic!!! Yee haw! Will Heidi and Sarah meet this weekend or will they go at it all alone? Time will tell! Check back and see...

NEWSFLASH: okay, so I (Sarah) am stealing this poem from my cousin's wife's blogsite and posting it here. You can also get to her site and others by clicking on the links to your right! She, "Rebecca"( and also "Lisa" ( always have good things to say and are so well-read and well-written I admire them so and their blogs lead me to all sorts of eclectic and interesting things out there to know and discover... This poem is so pretty and makes me want to stop being a tumble bug and start being a caterpiller!

Poem: "idle thought" by Don Marquis from Archyology: the long lost tales of archy and mehitabel. © University Press of New England.

idle thought

paris september
fifth nineteen
twenty three
what i like
about this place
is that it is
such a nice
place to loaf in
and loafing
is the best thing
in life
nature shows
us that
a caterpillar
just eats and
loafs and sleeps
and after a while
without any effort
it turns into
a butterfly
with nothing to do
but flit around
and be beautiful
but consider
the industrious
tumble bug
the tumble bug
toils and plants
and sweats
and worries
pushing its burden
up hill forever
like sisyphus
and pretty soonsome one
comes along
and thinks how
vulgar and ugly
the thing is
and steps on it
and squashes it
and beauty
are their own
mehitabel the cat
is still missing

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Unknown said...

you girls are as lovely as your html skills. on the outside, today.

inside, and everyday...magnifique!

i am stealing the poem too. ha ha.

family nepotism, isn't it grand?

don marquis was a favorite of my dad's, thanks for reminding me.

love, cousin I.T.

(email me about hotlinking in posts and creating shorter titles for previous posts, girls).

(but then again, it took me two tries before i got the Word Verification right today)