Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Wednesday 16 November 2005: Sarah stops listening to the voices in her head. Heidi keeps on smiling - sort of, sadly...

16 November: Heidi and Sarah have a very normal Wednesday. Nothing more than that. Sarah hears no evil. Heidi spreads solemn sunshine with her smile.

Heidi says:
We couldn't decide, happy or sad. It became happy sad (and yeah, now that I write this down, it does make me think of a Tim Buckley album! For those who don't know it, buy it, rent it, steal it, whatever you do, you have to hear this!)

Sarah says:
When I was a kid / teenager I heard voices coming out of my radio all of the time. When it was turned off. They were like humming and buzzing in my ears. It was freaky. They made me very sad. They were like voices of many old wise men all talking at once at a Jewish type of funeral ceremony. I have heard them in my adult life too. Perhaps they were the result of a little too much partying at times. Who knows. Anyway, I also dreamed of having powers like those in the movie Scanners and blowing up people's heads just because I wanted to. In my adult life, I no longer have that fantasy thankfully. Now I just want to ram into people with my car every now and then and scream "you fat-handed twat" at a bunch of them. I don't. Don't worry. I hold back and bottle it all up inside until one day my head will explode. I call that KARMA.

Don't forget:!!!!!

Shore Leave + Greyn + Nice'n'Haydee

2 concerten + party in de Cultuurkapel De Schaduw, Wezestraat 32 te Ardooie

Datum: Zaterdag, 19/11/2005 at 20:30

Prijs: 7 Euro (at the door); 5 Euro V.V.K.

V.V.K.V.V.K.: CafĂ© OPCD Ardooie – ‘t Walhalla– Roeselare; Cultuurkapel De Schaduw: 0479.80.94.82; Tinck – Brugge; Bakerstreet in Kortrijk

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