Thursday, November 10, 2005

Thursday 10 November 2005: Sarah eats Heidi for lunch...

10 November: Heidi and Sarah are very hungry today. Heidi was kind enough to offer her head up on a plate for her dear pal Sarah. Sarah was ready with a pizza-cutter but the dang thang wouldn't break through the bones in Heidi's thick skull. Both girls remain ravenous!

Heidi says:
help! help! help!

Sarah says:
One day I'm going to show you the name poem I had to do about myself in grade school. My mom still has it hanging on her wall. Where there was an R in my name, I wrote "ravenous". I guess I have always been hungry. Here's my name poem about Heidi:

H for hilarious
E for ego-ego -ego
I for idiot-savant
D for dastardly
I for I love Heidi!

Tell me your name and I'll write a name poem about you right here on these very pages. Send it in a comment by clicking on comment. C'mon! Do it! Do it!

"Yo. said...
heheh, you girls sound fun!ok, I want a poem!yolanda
6:24 AM"

At your service Yolanda, here I go:

Y is for YIPPY! YO is a new Face The Day Fan!
O is for Oscar Wilde reader
L is for Lecturer
A is for Anais Nin quoter
N is for Nice and lovely shiny hair and smile
D is for Dainty perhaps?
A is for Adventurer

Yours truly,

This comment arrived: Anonymous said...
hello;my name is xinzy xyonsquix....poem please. thank you.
10:47 AM

x is for Xanthodont - haha gotchya JB OR AS!
i is for I love you! Yet another Face the Day fan!
n is for Nothing known about this person!
z is for Zany of you to ask me to write this name poem
y is for Yes! I think I know who you are actually!

x is for Xanthippe - go ahead google it!
y is for You crazy mo fo!
o is for Ok - if I knew who you were, this would be better!
n is for Nonsense, pure nonsense this is!
s is for Sarah, now that's an easy name poem name!
q is for Queer of you to ask me to do this with no info about you!
u is for Ugly, I bet you're ugly? Show us your face!
i is for If I knew something about you, this would be high poetry!
x is for Xenomenia - if this is really JB or AS, I dedicate that word to you both!

Kind regards,



LonaDay said...

heheh, you girls sound fun!

ok, I want a poem!


Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Hi Yo, It's Sarah here. Glad you like us. We like you too! Check today's blog entry again and you'll find a name poem just for you.

Anonymous said...

my name is xinzy xyonsquix....
poem please.
thank you.

LonaDay said...

'm linking you, k?