Monday, November 28, 2005

Monday 28 November 2005: Heidi and Sarah are UGLY due to Vitamin C deficiency and that's why they suck Clemintines madly...

28 November: Heidi and Sarah need Vitamin C badly to revive themselves. Yes, they readily admit that it's Ugly Monday and Bad Hair beginning of the week. They can't always do their best for you so here they are doing their worst. Can you still love them this way and with these totes and mulles? They need your love more than ever now. Do you love Heidi's new birthday sweater with white polka-dots? Doesn't she look like a mushroom? I think I'm gonna fry her up for lunch and stuff her with cottage cheese and garlic. Anyone hungry for a Heidi-mushroom surprise?

Heidi says:
Ugly druggies on a cold monday morning... Why do we do this to ourselves?

Sarah says:
I hate to admit it but I got a haircut on Friday and well umm I'm sorry but I just don't love it yet. It's really a mullet and maybe cut up a bit too much on top and well it kind of looks funny right now and I also have a bit of bed-head and hat-head and well it just doesn't feel right and I know it can't always be great and wonderful and so well yeah I'll just accept it and know that my hair will look good in maybe a week or so again after it's initial cut-shock. The hairdresser did her best. It's just not exactly what I imagined. Luckily my hair grows fast -- especially my damn chin hair sadly! But now it's my head-hair I mean and it will grow soon enough and I will be happy with it again I will I will I will. Monday bloody Monday! I'm gonna eat manderine's (clemintines) all day long and sleep on the toilet tonight
-- after watching Lost: of course! I wish I could watch Lost all day long on this rainy Monday.
Wanna cuddle?

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