Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wednesday 26 October 2005: It's a Heidi and Sarah EXTRAVAGANZA now that they are together again!!!!

HEIDI AND SARAH CHEER FACING THE DAY TOGETHER AGAIN ABOVE! 26 October: Heidi and Sarah are finally reunited after a couple of on-and-off weeks. Look at them above showing you more of their parts then ever! Sarah's boob is growing out of her head (happily looking high-up and firm ;-). Heidi is looking fit and fierce! Both of their heads are shining with Henna. Welcome back Heidi and Sarah together agian. We missed you!

Above Heidi and Sarah show you their complete selves getting up to no good as movie-stars in the spotlight should! And, as an added bonus, you can see the camera they use each day!

And above you find Heidi and Sarah showing you their various poses and looks for today in order to catch up with all the time they lost together in the last two weeks...

Heidi and Sarah wish you a FANTASTIC day!

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