Thursday, October 27, 2005

Thursday 27 October 2005: Heidi and Sarah like two deer in the headlights get caught in the rays...

27 October: Heidi and Sarah step into the light. They have seen the light. They know...

Heidi says:
This photo shows two healthy fresh-looking girls. This photo lies, at least it lies about me. I am fresh but in a sick way. This girl is on speed this morning, and I owe this state to my morning coffee (well, half a cup of coffee). I'm heading for a disaster this afternoon when my energy level collapses. Or maybe you'll all keep me awake?

Sarah says:
Heidi lies. She passed her physical exam this morning with flying colours. I long to be so healthy! I'll keep Heidi awake this morning by slapping her around a bit.
It's surely time for an eyebrow plucking for me! Y'all have a lovely day!

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