Friday, October 14, 2005

14 October 2005 Viva Sène, Viva Fej, Viva Sarah!

First of all, I, Heidi, want to dedicate this day (well, this Blog-day) to Sène and Fej, for being such loyal fans. Today sène was asking me when I would update face the day. That only means that he was waiting the whole day to see how many more wrinkles we have got or how much older we look today. We appreciate your interest. And Fej deserves our respect for being the most loyal face the day-fan as he started to send his comments again. We couldn't ask for more! If, and I really mean 'if', we have other fans, you are all welcome to send us your comments again. We miss you!

Sarah says:
Heidi popped on over Friday night for the above quick photo. Not looking my best, I had to put on a face mask hat of course and glasses. Usually I am not so wooried about how I look in these photos - take the below photos for example where I am wearing no make-up at all and look tired, spotty and scary! But I looked way too sickly for this photo -- I haven't been able to shower or really wash myself or my hair since Tuesday. I just had to cover my mulle to spare you the pain of seeing me this way. I ache all over but am in good spirits. I am bored out of my brains and have no idea how to relax and just stay put and be lazy but I guess I'll learn in the next week while I am forced to stay home and not strain myself too much! Poor Heidi also wasn't feeling so good here. Something is moving through her system which is making our dear Heidi feel under the weather.

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