Thursday, October 13, 2005

13 October 2005 Heidi shows the top of her head while Sarah is lying in bed

Heidi: So here is the top of my red head! (oops, and nose...)

Sarah says:

Finally made it home after a very bad night at the hospital which featured almost passing out on toilet and then throwing up later. But the procedure was finished and I later found out that they found too much scar tissue leftover from my appendix removal surgery 9 years ago. Apparently, that scar tissue can cause some problems in your pelvic region. I hope now that's it is gone, I'll feel a bit better. Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

now i know what it's like to be a bird flying over heidi. hey is that a gray hair?....oooops just the way the light hits it. whew.

Anonymous said...

Be careful with your words or I'll edit them out... :))