Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Other random shots from the past days and weeks - with and without Heidi! Sorry once again for not posting on here anymore! Will try harder!

Above and below photos are a selection of ones I took with my iPod Touch and camera that I never got around to posting on here because some went straight to Facebook. So here they are now in no particular order but fun to see and to have on here as a record of nice moments and cute people! Above ones are random shots of the times I saw Heidi recently including in the hospital on the 28th of December 2010, the day afte I had my gall bladder removed! And the one of Yma and Matto is from last week when they came over to say hi to my mom!
Above photo is the day my mom arived on the 21st of December 2010 - after 36 hours of travelling and plane cancellations and lost luggage thanks to snow and ice - but she made it!
Above photo is recent from when my friend Tilly's kids came over right before Christmas with their mom and Dirk. The girls with The Lool!
Above photo is Tilly and Dirk with Tilly's kids also here before Christmas!
Me! Yeah - I know, fatter and fatter I become! (thanks to my stupid apps :-)!

Have you noticed The Lool is growing up? Love the above photo as she always hides behind her hair these days but not above!
Above is of my mom and Ayla being silly before Christmas!

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