Sunday, October 24, 2010

16-24 October 2010 - Sarah goes to Sweden and back!

Sarah says:
I haven't had time or means to post on here for a while until now - hence the whole load of photos. The above one, a goody, is from today - the 24th of October. It's been a nice and calm weekend. Making food, seeing some family. Seeing some friends. Seeing my kid happy was the best part as always!
It was a full moon last night - the 23rd of October. Just look at that beauty. It sure made me want to howl!
And look at that lovely sight above! That's from the 22nd I think. She's getting all grown up! That and other photos from a nice expo on beautiful interiors, you can find via this link.
I think the above photo is from the 20th or 21st. I don't know anymore. I was home from Sweden and tired and a bit sick. My gall has really been bothering me. It makes me nervous. I need to get it taken out sooner than later!
Above photo is from the 19th when we were at the airport in Gothenburg waiting to get our flight back to Belgium. I hacked the wifi system and we were all able to get online. This project has turned me into a computer geek of sorts!
The above photo is from just around midnight between the 18th and 19th of October. I had had myself a great big laugh with colleagues and was in my hotel room afterwards still cracking up for about 15 minutes more alone. I don't even know what was so funny but I sure had a good time and it was a great and needed release!
Above photo is from the 18th at a pinball place. Before dinner, we all went to a pinball club of sorts in Boros, Sweden. It was cool! Had a blast after a long day of meetings and presentations.
Above photo is from the 17th when I arrived from Gothenburg, Sweden to Boros, Sweden and was just in my hotel room. It had been a fabulous, sunny weekend and now it was raining and really cold! At least I got to wear my great new coat and hat!

The above and below photos are from the 16th in Gothenburg with my friend Bjorn. I met him 18 years ago during my exchange program in Utrecht and Aarhus. I hadn't seen him since 2003 so it was so great having time to catch up and to see a new city. He was a great host! It made me so happy to have all that time with him after all these years and it reminded me again about that study abroad year, which was the best year of my life and which changed my life completely!
Via this link you can see a bunch of photos from my trip! Also via this link you can find more.

I love the above photo. I was so happy to have time with an old friend!

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