Monday, September 06, 2010

Saturday and Monday 04 and 06 September: Happy Birthday to Tomske!

Sarah says:

Above photo from the 6th of September of me and The Lool! She's on her Nintendo of course.

That's Tom above and below on his 39th birthday on the 4th of September making homemade applesauce above and blowing out candles on his cake below. It was a nice celebration with some good friends. I love growing old with Tom! He's a super duper person. There is this great movie I saw not too long ago that really struck me as I watched it. It's called 'World's Fastest Indian' - and is based on the true story of Burt Munro. Burt is played by Anthony Hopkins and is an older man. Anyway - while watching this character, all I could think of was that his personality and his way with people reminded me so much of Tom - just this lovely guy who talks to everyone and is so likable. I looked up the movie and came across a description of the character and again - it reminded me so much of Tom. My instincts must have been right! Here's the quote and here's why I love Tom so much: "Burt becomes an instantly likable character by everyone he meets. His charm shines through and he takes everyone he meets at face value and welcomes all with a smile and a shake of the hand. He meets various "characters" along the way who he befriends like long-lost friends, which in these days of prejudice and alienation is quite refreshing."

You should all see the movie if you haven't yet!

Above photo of me from the 4th is with my new wool hat! I love it. And below is in the kitchen watching Tom make applesauce.

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