Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Saturday 10 - Tuesday 14 September 2010: random shots from last few days of Sarah, The Lool and some expat friends...

Sarah says:
The Lool and I above and The Lool below. Top photo is from yesterday - the 14th of September and bottom photo is from Sunday the 11th. The Lool sure loves her hair but she isn't very happy about her skin. Puberty will do that to you! She's such a super kid? Brings me so much joy. Sunday I had such a bad back ache. I was sure it would put me back in the hospital soon. I rested most of the day - which was sad because we were celebrating Tom's birthday at his parents' home and all I could do is lie down and eat. I felt so bad and worried. Monday I had to work as I have a lot to do these days so I took some heavy pills and tried to take it easy. Today - Wednesday - I feel okay? Not great at all but more hopeful that maybe it will just go away this time. That's probably a dream and it will just get worse. I can only hope!

Above photo is from Monday the 13th I think - not feeling well in my back at all!

And above and below photos are from Saturday the 10th with some lovely expats friends of mine. We went to Dover, UK for the day to celebrate the 50th birthday of another expat friend of ours. It was fun. The sitting for too long did hurt my back though sadly.

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