Monday, September 20, 2010

Friday 17 - Sunday 19 September 2010: R.I.P one of The Lool's guinea pigs :-( and Sarah sails away the day...

Sarah says:
Above and below photos are from Sunday the 19th of September. I am very sad to announce that one of The Lool's guinea pigs died Sunday morning. We buried him in my husband's parents' garden so that The Lool can visit his grave every now and then. It was a bit heart-breaking to see The Lool experience death like this for the first time. She was so sad. She's now doing her best to keep the other piggy alive as such animals get very depressed and can stop eating when a mate dies. I really hope she survives. The Lool would be so devastated if she doesn't. It's hard to see your kid so sad.

Above photo is also from Sunday the 19th but a little later in the day at a flea market we sold stuff at. That's Nathalie - Heidi's sister. It was a very fun, but cold and rainy, morning with her drinking coffee, eating muffins, selling just a few things each and trying on all the clothes we were selling to stay warm outside! Because of the rain, we left at noon. Here are some photos from that morning!
The team at my office went on a team-building sailing trip on the Belgian Sea on Friday the 17th of September as you can see above and below. For the full story and all the photos, click on this link!

Above you can see me and my colleague Ellie on the sail boat on Friday!

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