Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday 25 and 26 August 2010: the gall of it all!

Sarah says:
the gall - according to old wise men - relates to anger. Well - I am mad at my gall so maybe they are right! Above photo is from today and below one with bad ass bunny is from yesterday. I'd be in a better mood if it weren't for my gall and the fact that it needs removing. I hoped to wait until December vacation but as it could burst or something between then and now it might be a good idea to opt for sooner. I am sick of the things my body puts me through. I treat my body well. I eat well. I just don't exercise enough. Everything else I try to take care of well. But apparently - hormonal fluctuations can cause the gall to have trouble too so that seems to be the problem here. Even though I am overweight - I do not have a high fat diet and haven't for years. I eat well and really pay attention to my health in that way. Yet still - I feel punished and forced now to go through another operation that I could really do without. Oh well. Dumb gall.

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