Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Tuesday the 6th of July: Sarah is excited that Heidi posted a photo of herself yesterday! She almost doesn't want to block it with today's post!

Sarah says:
I wish I felt as jolly as I look in the above photo but in fact I'm in a funk of sorts. I just don't feel right. I feel off. I have to snap out of it. I am so up and down lately. I think I know why. Actually, there are a few good reasons - none of which I'll get into on here. My poor husband though. He gets subject to these moods I'm in. I need some balance back. I'll find it somewhere and luckily it's all not that bad. I just have my moments, that's all!
Well - the above photo certainly fills me with good cheer! Check out my little brother Matt who isn't so little anymore. He's a new dad to baby Katherine. Can't wait to see them in August when Ayla and I are in The States for one quick week!

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