Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday 29 July 2010: Sarah wants to SCREAM!!!

Sarah says:
At moments like these I just want to scream! The living room looks great but my back went out yesterday and I am most likely heading for the hospital for 7 days again. I'll have to cancel my tickets to New York and lose more that Euro 1500 doing so. I'll have to disappoint my daughter. I won't get to see my father, family and friends. At these moments I hate my self and my situation. I feel so bad. I don't want to go into the hospital again. I am 39!!! Only 39! I just see limitations. My brain so go go go and my body says NO. I hate my stupid back and body. I feel so defeated. I'll be gone from her and Facebook for a while I think. See you on here when I return.

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Valerie vanuit haar hart. said...

Oh nee!!!!!! Het beste, wij denken aan je!!!! Liefs!!! xxx