Monday, July 12, 2010

Thursday 08 July to Sunday 11 July 2010: Sarah, Sarah and more Sarah and a little Nathalie, which is a little Heidi, sort of....

Sarah says:
That's Heidi's sister Nathalie above on Sunday the 11th of July. She and Bart were kind enough to take care of our guinea pigs for the weekend while we were on a family weekend away in Voeren. When we returned to pick the pigs up, Nathalie and Bart invited us for dinner, which was made up of all fresh things from their garden. It was great! They even sent me home with a beet, some onions and potatoes - as well as happy pigs of course who had feasted on fresh garden stuff all weekend!

Above shot is in Nathalie's garden with her flowers also on the 11th of July.

Above and below photos are from Saturday the 10th of July in Maastricht. It was so hot, hence the hair tucked in a hat look above! Below you can see a funny photo of me looking all wide-eyed and nutty! That's because I was underground in a cave of sorts with no lights. We visited caves in Maastricht to get cooled off - from 32 to 10 degrees Celsius!

Above photo is from Friday the 9th of July just before we left for our weekend away! Though I am no longer really losing weight, each time I put on old summer clothes I see that they are looser than they were last year, which makes me happy! Though the above one doesn't look loose, trust me - it looks better now than before!
And last but not least- above is my photo from Thursday the 8th of July eating my first mussel of the season - and man, man, man was it great!

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